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Ruby Lair

Ruby Lair

Ruby writes: I started DJing for the west coast swing dance community in2008 in Houston, TX.

My love of music is only rivaled by my love of dancing. I really do spend countless hours seeking out new music to share with west coast swing dance community. I love to see a floor packed with dancers and playing music that makes people want to dance.

My music sets contain a mixture of genres to keep the dancers on the floor all night long, including pop, swing, R&B, blues, etc. I do avoid playing explicit or profane songs in my sets. I frequently DJ parties, dances, and west coast swing events locally and nationally.

Ruby started dancing west coast swing in 2004. She started DJing west coast swing dances in 2008. She is a member of Global Swing DJs Group. Ruby was nominated for WAG Award as 2010 DJ of the Year. She was the 2010 DJ of the Year for the Allswing DJ Group. She was elected to the 2014 DJ Hall of Fame for the Global Swing DJs Group.

Anthony DeRosa

Anthony DeRosa

At the age of 6, Anthony was taken by his parents to New York's US1 flea market where he saw a bunch of kids his age dancing in front of a stage to the music of a live band. Wanting to learn what they were doing, Anthony joined in on one of the Line Dances. Seeing him dance, an instructor approached him and invited them to the Yellow Rose Saloon in New Jersey, a place where many kids his age came out to Family night for a fun evening of Country and Western Dancing. Anthony fell in love with the atmosphere and enjoyment he found dancing with everyone -- and that's where his story began.

Since that beginning, Anthony has won numerous Strictly Swing and Jack & Jill contests and was once known as the "Jack & Jill Whiz Kid". When not found on the dance floor, you will usually find Anthony in the DJ booth. He is known for bringing the sounds of the NY club scene, where he was once a career DJ, to the West Coast Swing world. His DJ career led into providing music - ranging from classic to contemporary and everything in-between - for West Coast Swing, Country Western, Hustle events, and more. Although he dances & DJs many styles & forms, he fell most in love with West Coast Swing and has been DJing, teaching, and judging at West Coast Swing events around the country and in his home state for over 10 years. Anthony's newest-found passion (besides the love of his life and fellow dancer, Shelby Thorne, and son Caden) is Brazilian Zouk, which he is quickly absorbing for the goal of incorporating into, and sharing with, the world of swing. His goal for both his music and dance is for his students, himself, and anyone with whom he dances to find as much joy as possible through the expression of these arts - because after all, isn't that why we dance?

Victor Loveira

Victor Loveira

Originally from Houston, TX, Victor has over 30 years experience as a DJ and over 17 years experience as a swing DJ. Victor's first WCS event to DJ was The Texas Classic in 1995 in Dallas, Texas.

From that point on, he has had the good fortune of DJing many of the countries’ top swing events including The US Open, Dallas DANCE, Boogie by the Bay, USA Grand Nationals, Americas' Classic, Liberty Swing, Swing Diego, Swing Fling, Summer Hummer, Nashville Classic, Worlds and Phoenix. Victor has also traveled internationally to DJ at prestigious swing events in London and Australia.

In 2005, Victor was honored with the AllSwing DJ of the Year Award. Most recently, he won Best DJ of 2011 at the first annual Westie Awards Gala, an honor bestowed on him by his west coast dance peers. In 2012, Victor was inducted into The AllswingDJ Hall of Fame at USA Grand Nationals, receiving the Wetzel award, named after the late great Kenny Wetzel.

To his credit, Victor is considered by peers to be one of the top Swing DJs in the business and travels approximately 40 weeks in a given year.

Katie Fallon

Katie Fallon

Katie Fallon (OH) is a West Coast Swing and Hustle DJ from Cleveland, Ohio who loves sharing her passion of music. In 2011 she was introduced and trained by a fellow DJ and started DJing for local dances around Cleveland.

As time passes, Katie continues to inspire people at dances and national events in the Midwest and progressively around the United States. Some events she has DJed in the past year are Spotlight Dance Challenge, MADJam, 4th of July Phoenix, River City Swing, Swustlicious, and CASH Bash.

Katie is always trying to create the best unique groove socially that will make the dancers happy and to inspire dancers when DJing competitions.

Rich Kopels

Rich Kopels

Rich hails from Alpharetta, GA and has been the featured DJ for many dance events across the country. He has been dancing since he was a teenager, and met his wife of 45 years, Blanca, on the dance floor.

He has been a member of the Atlanta Swing Dancers Club since its inception and as an ambassador of swing, supports and attends many local and national dance events. Rich served as President of the Atlanta Swing Dancers Club and American Bop Association he was inducted into the American Bop Association's Hall Of Fame on September 4, 1999.

Rich has played at, The Grand National Dance Championships, Jammin’ In July, Houston Swing Classic, Michigan Swing Classic, Tampa Bay Classic, as well as playing for several dance clubs at home.

Rich always strives to keep the dance floor full.


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